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Here is a compilation of many
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about lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, astral projection,
astral travel and consciousness matters.


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Some of the free downloads include: The Brainwave Generator, The Flasher Brainwave Stimulator, CoolEdit, the Binaural Beat Creator, dream journals, The Lucid Dreaming Assistant, subliminal messages programs,

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Bob Peterson

         Out of Body Experiences

Alan Guiden

          Traveling: An Accidental Expert's How-To Leave Your Body Handbook

Don DeGracia

         Astral Projection Course

         Plane Talk

Ian Wilson

        A Course on Consciousness

                       This free on-line book entitled, "A Course on Consciousness" by Ian Wilson is the final product of a four part series entitled "A Course on Consciousness". This book is for the beginner to advanced dreamer. This book offers step-by-step techniques to improve dream recall, enhance the dream experience as well, it offers a variety of stress reduction techniques through easy-to-follow meditations. Consciousness is a tool that we have, it allows us to greater explore the states between wakefulness and sleep. This book teaches you how to maintain a lucid state, which is a state where your waking consciousness enters the dreamstate without loosing conscious awareness. Lucid dreaming is a skill that can be learned, and anyone who has the interest to learn can easily do so through this course. The course is in Win.Zip format for easy download and reading. Or, you can read the book directly off the Web-page. You are encouraged to work with a partner in some of the more advanced stages of this course, and forming a dream group is ideal for some of the more advanced techniques.                                                Beginner-to-advanced dreaming. Practical meditation for reducing stress and enchanting dreams. Step-by-step instruction to achieve a lucid dream. Step-by-step instruction to achieve a shared dream.  Dream-building in advanced stages for personal and shared goals.  Take part in building a city in the shared dream chapter of the book. Information on Out-of-body experiences as well as step-by-step instruction on achieving this state. Precognitive dreams explained with step-by-step instruction on having a lucid precognitive dream.  This book is ideal for both the advanced and beginner dreamer. Any comments and and suggestions can be e-mailed to:     download free at



look below for links to articles, papers, and archives



The Lucidity Institute

an archive of articles published in the NightLight newsletter


Robert Bruce

            Treatise on Lucid Dreaming

           Treatise on Astral Projection - Volume I

           Treatise on Astral Projection - Volume II


Susan Blackmore

               Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep?

Alan Guiden

              an archive of his articles

Jouni A. Smed

             Out of Body Experience FAQ


            an archive of articles and links on Lucid Dreaming

            a HUGE archive of OBE-related articles by various authors

*look at the bottom of the page for a list of the current articles you can access at the SpiritWeb Archives

The Astral Projection Home Page

          another large compilation of articles

                      *also look below for a listing of articles

Journal of Consciousness Studies

          JCS-Online -- Digest of the Key Debates


Here's a list of the articles at SpiritWeb's archives....

Out Of Body FAQ (Jouni A. Smed)  Well done FAQ about OBE and different views and explanations, also some overviews of techniques (Postscript Version). His own HTML-version here.

Treatise on Projection (Robert Bruce) Recommended descriptures of techniques of (astral and higher-planes)-projection and how different planes are perceived.

OBE Observation (Bob Peterson) Fourteen OBE Letters (Bob Peterson) Out-of-Body Experiences (Bob Peterson) Bob's own books online on his account, check out!

Consciousness Research using the OOBE (Kevin de La Tour)

About ourselves and the multi-dimensional nature of the world in which we live. A Look At Lucid Dreaming and OOBEs (Ian Wilson)

Yet another personal approach and view on it Affirmations and OOBE (Ed Erst)

Two helpful affirmations OBE, Spiritualist Technique (Charles Goldman)

One phase of mediumship, which is called 'traveling clairvoyance' is the out of body state ... Thoughts on OBE (Chuck)

OOBE vs Lucid Dreaming (Bob Peterson, Dean Walker)

Talking about OOBE and Lucid-Dreaming, and their relation OOBE: Meaning Of It All (div. Authors)

Mer-Ka-Ba (div. Authors) Interdimensional Traveling (René K. Müller)

Personal Out Of Body Experiences:

Divine Ignorance (Greg Burkett)

TVOS Astral Projection Journal (David Warner)

Briggs's Experiences with OOBE's (Patrick R. Briggs)

Out Of This World (M. C.)

<>My First 'ROPE' Projection (Robert Bruce)

My First OBE! (Jim Lagerkvist)

Walk on the Face of God (Marc Whitford)

Jani's OBE (Janis L.)

My Only OOBE Experience ()


OOBE Book List (div. Authors)

Hemisync: Self Experiment (Ed Erst)

Techno Shamanism (div. Authors)

Some thoughts on Techno-Shamanism and Rave-Culture

Inter Dimension List ()

Discussion on astral-projection, OBE and ludic-dreaming OBE Networks (regulary updated)

Addresses of organizations and related stuff OBE Bibliography (regulary updated)

Recommended books as bibliography

The Monroe Institute (div. Authors)

Some collections about Monroes Inst. and his books and related material Altered States of Consciousness (Jouni A. Smed)

Hypnosis, OBE, Dreams and Lucid Dreams etc. Astral Projection Home Page (Charles C. Goodin)

A Collection of Astral Projection and OOBE Resources (back again) Ballabene - OBE and Astral Pages (Alfred Ballabene)

Dedicated OBE-site (also german texts), highly recommended Astral Pulse (Robert Bruce)

Author of Treatise on Projection with his own page. Phenomena of the Psyche and Other Inexplicable Anomalies (Matt Holmes)

A collection of esoteric information. Eckankar ()

Soul-Traveling, Light and Sound of God The Voice Of Silence (TVOS)

A huge personal diary on OBEs Journal of Astral Travels (Stephen Moon)

Another personal diary on OBEs Skywind's PSI-Page (Jenny Gable) Sequences, An OBE Page (Dave Neufer)

Here's a list of articles accessible
from The Astral Projection Home Page......

Astral Signposts: The Stages Of Out-of-Body Experiences, by Charles C. Goodin

A Sense of Movement (3D interactive), by Charles C. Goodin

Move out of or into the Tunnel, by Charles C. Goodin

The Labyrinth (3D interactive), by Charles C. Goodin

Understanding Out-of-Body Fears, by Charles C. Goodin

Astral Projection Keywords, by Charles C. Goodin

Out of Body Experience FAQ, by Jouni A. Smed

Out of Body Experience FAQ, by Jouni A. Smed at SpiritWeb

Treatise On Projection, by Robert Bruce, at SpiritWeb

Some Pre- and Post-OBE Phenomena, by Bob Lepak

OBE Related Phenomena, by Bob Lepak and Alfred Ballabene

OBE-Methods Based on Movement Imagination and Movement Awareness, by Alfred Ballabene

OBE-Visual Methods, by Alfred Ballabene

OBE-Methods Based on Relaxation with Inner Body Awareness, by Alfred Ballabene

Some General Tips to Start OBE´s, by Alfred Ballabene

Intentions and Imaginations Triggering OBE'S, by Alfred Ballabene

Experiences in the Etheric and Astral Body, by Alfred Ballabene

The Silver Cord, by Alfred Ballabene

Affirmations and OOBE, by Ed Erst

Interdimensional Connections and Traveling, by René K. Müller





Lucid Dreaming Programzzz.....

The Lucid Dreamer Assistant: The author describes his program as follows: Lucid Dreamer Assistant (freeware) - Darius Heydarpour/Datamind Works on every IBM compatible PC with any type of videocard/processor ..

LDA is a tool which you 'run' on your PC after waking up earlier than usual. It contains exercises, based on several 'reality checking' techniques, which you do for aprox. 10-30 minutes. After that you return to bed and fall asleep. If all goes well you will find yourself sitting behind your PC running the 'dream-version' of LDA. But.. the exercises will fail to work properly, your monitor flashes on and off, words morph into other words, etc.. and suddenly you realize.. I am dreaming !

my review: I wasn't too impressed with this one, but maybe you'll like it, and it IS free  :)

Click here to download The Lucid Dreaming Assistant (about 55K)

Lucid Dreamer: a reality check reminder...

The version here is 1.02. The program uses your PC to emit a sound to cue you to do a reality check.

CHANGES SINCE VERSION 1.01: A few bug fixes and improvements.

Click here to receive a .zip archive containing both the executable program and the documentation. The archive is about 9.7K in size.

Brainwave-Related Programzzz......

CoolEdit:  I have been experimenting with the Cool Edit program for about a year.  It is a sound recording/editing program that you can download for free on the internet, and I believe that it is a valuable tool which can be used to alter one's state of mind, literally, by entraining one's brainwaves to a particular frequency.

for my review of CoolEdit and Instructions for using it, click here

To download Cool Edit or for more information about it ,click here 

The Brainwave Generator.  This is a program that has an assortment of pre-set brainwave frequencies for you to choose from: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta....and listening to them is as easy as pressing a button, and having some headphones.  Not as advanced and individualized as CoolEdit but definitely easier.  

my personal review: I personally don't like the Brainwave Generator compared to using CoolEdit because the tones seem a little grating and too overpowering, there's a limited selection of pre-sets, and most importantly if you don't purchase it you can't listen to them for longer than fiftenn minutes ata time, I believe.  They limit the shareware program hoping you'll by it.  It's worth downloading and checking out, but for a real program I suggest using CoolEdit, but you be the judge...

To download The Brainwave Generator for free, click here

the Binaural Beat Creator:  Just recently, The Monroe Institute has a free program available to create your own binaural beats. I am sure it is very similar to CoolEdit and I have not yet used it, but I would bet that it is a good program, considering the source.

to go to the page to download or get more info on this program, click here

The Flasher Brainwave Stimulator:     Another free download is that uses the same principle of entrainment but used light flashes instead of binaural beats.  By flashing light at different rates, those corresponding to particular frequencies, your brain will synchronize its brainwaves due to photic entrainment (light ).  People who have a history of epilepsy should not use this product because the flashes may zap you into a seizure, but for the majority of people it is perfectly safe.  

..."Flasher allows the user to experiment with brainwave stimulation. Select flash rate, color and pattern to induce alpha, theta, or delta brainwave stimulation. Put on some mood music, turn off the lights, close your eyes and enjoy! You should be able to perceive the pulses through closed eyelids."

To download The Brainwave Flasher for free, click here

Dream Journal Software...

DreamUp version 2.0:

A program that allows you to record, catalog, analyze, and work with your dreams.

click here to see The Lucid Dreamer's Reference Guide's review of DreamUp

go to the DreamUp v2.0 information and download page

Subliminal messagezzz.......

MindPower: This program allows you to type yourself a message of affirmation and then program how often and how long it flashes on your screen.  Whether you are using a text, word-processer, or some other applications, it will flash your message so it can be perceived consciously or subconsciously.

To go to the page to download MindPower 

MindPipe:  This program flashes subliminal messages on your computer screen.  The message appear as brief flashes but may help engrain the idea into your subconscious.

..."A simple subliminal message flasher for self improvement. MindPipe is named for its function: it acts as a pipeline into your subconscious mind. It flashes a set of messages on the screen every few seconds, too fast for your conscious mind to read. But, as the theory goes, your subconscious mind sees the brief messages long enough to absorb them, maybe in bits and pieces at a time but with repetition and time they become part of your subconscious. You can include your own messages as well."

my review: I had little success running this just didn't work?!?!? but maybe it isn't for PCs???

Click here to download MindPipe version1.0

other archivezzz......

The New Age Library:

an archive that has several categories of many free downloads

click here to go to The New Age Library

Beyond the Illusion Archives:

a HUGE archive containing 26,000 downloadable files including hundreds of files related to Altered States of Consciousness: dreams, mind-related, subliminals, brainwaves, etc...

The only problem is that there is little or non descriptions of the files aside from their names so it is quite difficult to get idea of what the file or program actually is or does, but there are lotzzz of good ones that I have noticed.

go to Beyond The Illusion's File Archive




         *If you come across any other good free reads or good downloadable programs available online which aren't listed here, please let me know and I'll update the list.  


Therezzz enough here to keep you free reading for a while