Everything you ever wanted to know about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming. You can turn your normal dreams into lucid dreams. Lucid dream info and lucid dreaming resources are Here.

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ing you ever wanted to know about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming. You can turn your normal dreams into lucid dreams. Lucid dream info and lucid dreaming resources are Here.




"You talkin' to me?"

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Children spend more time dreaming. Studies show that infants spend close to 75% of their time in a dreaming state.



My name is Marc VanDeKeere, but my friends usually call me 'Bird' hence the name of this site: Bird's LUCiD DREamING Website

You can see me pictured above on the right (not the one on the left :) I am a little older now, but I am not counting.  I am happily married to my bestfriend and soulmate, Gina VanDeKeere, who is not only the woman of my dreams but also the loving mother of our two wonderful daughters.

I have been interested in this fascinating thing we call "consciousness" for as long as I can remember. While reading around on the subject, I stumbled upon an even more interesting aspect of our awareness, our ability to lucid dream. I began reading everything I could find about the subject, from Carlos Castaneda, LaBerge, Garfield, Gackenbach, Monroe, Tart, John Lilly, Robert Bruce, William Buhlman and others writing about dreams, out of body experiences, shamanism, hypnosis, neuro-technology and other consciousness, mind, brain and awareness-related stuff.

After absorbing and exploring on my own, I have also added to the body of knowledge on the subject by authoring, The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Manual: Basics and Beyond. This comprehensive how-to guide contains a lot of practical insight and tips that I wish I had known about when I started learning how to lucid dream. You can check out the 6 Steps which is an except to start your training and there is enough reading on this site to have you lucid dreaming within a month.

Reading is important because it saturates the mind with thoughts of lucid dreaming and other awareness-expanding concepts.  It can dramatically speed up the lucid dreaming progress if you become immersed in the subject mentally by reading and physically by practicing.  I highly recommend reading as much as possible on the subject. It can only help! 

Check out the Recommended Reading Page for a large list of suggested books on the subject. You can check out my quick reviews and start reading the "must reads" first. You can also explore the Free Online Resources Page for an abundant supply of lucid dreaming, out of body experience and astral projection literature including free online books, articles and programs.

Along the way, I have tried countless methods and techniques for inducing lucid dreams. I was always keeping whatever helped and keeping a watchful eye for anything useful. You may know me as the inventor of the Wake Back to Bed method (WBTB). I developed and coined the phrase Wake-Back to Bed Method in the 1990's. The WBTB method is an amazing technique that can turbo boost your results. It is the best way to have a lucid dream, whether you are a beginner or an advanced lucid dreamer. Over the years, it has helped thousands of people have lucid dreams and it is still one of the most effective strategies for maximizing your lucid dreaming progress.

Eventually, I stumbled upon brainwave entrainment. It is a scientific principle that can be utilized to synchronize or tune your brainwaves to specific mindstates that are conducive to lucid dreaming, out of body travel and other trance-like states. I have found that the assistance of entrainment eases the process of trance induction like mental training wheels. I even induced my first out of body experience from a waking state while listening to a sample brainwave entrainment file that I created. 

Pretty amazing stuff, to be meditating in your bed one moment, and then real-ize that you have consciously crossed the threshold and are beginning to hover out of your body and into the room.  I have had countless lucid dreams, many OBEs, but few occur directly from a waking state. They are usually induced after losing consciousess and then becoming aware later.

Being fully conscious and experiencing the transition from physical to non-physical reality continues to be be one of the most profound peak experiences in my life. Surprisingly, every time it is EQUALLY awe-inspiring. I sincerely hope that you can use the resources at this site to experience it for yourself. You may never look at reality the same way again. . .

Since I have had great results from using brainwave entrainment files, I have been using them off and on for years. Making and testing them has become one of my pastimes. Luckily, my better half, Gina, has become used to the headphone cords emerging at night from the closet. Most of my friends also get a kick out of my mad scientist-like behavior, but to be honest, I think the Internet is the best way to interact with other dreamers and out of body enthusiasts.

No offense to any friends who may be reading this right now, but it is quite rare to find other people in the waking world who take much interest in their dreams. It is even more rare to find someone interested in actively harnessing the power of their dreams. This is probably why you are here searching this website for information instead of asking a friend or calling your Mom, brother or even a teacher.

Luckily, we have the Internet. It is an vehicle for sharing our interests and learning from others who have the same spark of curiousity. The more dreamers, the merrier, which leads to my interest in gathering dreamers and conducting dream research so we can better learn from each other's experiences..

For some time now, I have been developing dream-related projects. The first project is calledThe dREaM Initiative. The concept is to provide a place where dreamers and other mental explorers can come together, participate in ongoing experiments, share their thoughts and experiences and find some resources and support from other like-minded people.  Hopefully, this kind of interaction will help shed some light on the subject and mazimize the progress of everyone involved. 

If you are interested in getting involved, we would be glad to have you onboard.  We now have members from all over the world that are getting involved: U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Italy, S.Africa, Greece, Slovakia, Namibia, Siberia, Indonesia and many other locales throughout the globe. 

I am always testing, developing and adding more brainwave entrainment products for my second project, Brainwave Mind Voyages . There are currently 30 BMV CDs available on CD or as downloads and the feedback from users has been phenomenal.

Click here to read BMV user feedback, if you're interested. I am extremely happy every time I hear that others are enjoying them, putting them to good use and creating positive results. Due to the overwhelming feedback, I will definitely be adding more BMV Series in the future as time allows. In fact, there are new releases available now.

As a natural progression, I have created a full line of subliminal brainwave entrainment CDs for lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and all forms of self-improvement (learning, weight loss, meditation, etc...). For more information on these new subliminal CDs, check out the BMV Website - Quantum Subliminal CD Section by clicking this link: Subliminal CDs .

I occasionally write a lucid dreaming column for the online dreaming magazine, Electric Dreams. You can check out their site to read back issues of this great digital dream ezine. There is a wealth of insight in their archives. As time allows, I will create a page here at the site to highlight Electric Dreams.

I have also compiled all that I have learned into a comprehensive lucid dreaming manual that I market online. I am working on getting it published so if you know of any good publishers, feel free to let me know or point them in my direction.


other hobbies and interests:

art (drawing. painting, sculpting, computer art),
writing (fiction/non-fiction, poetry, children's book),
webdesign & html, graphic arts, Flash MX
new sciences (quantum physics)
hypnosis, cosmology, philosophy, shamanism
NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Subliminal Programming
living, loving, laughing

reading, movies, music, artwork
sharing the wealth
along the way

I sincerely hope that this site can be useful to you on your path with heart, whatever that path may be. Just remember one thing,

"If you never give up, you are guaranteed to succeed."

Thanks for visiting and feel free to email me if you ever need anything. I am always happy to help (if and when I can :) I have been quite busy lately working on several new projects, but I do respond to Everyone as time allowzzz...


aka me, myself and I
Marc VanDeKeere








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"What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be determined experientially and experimentally.
These limits are beliefs to be transcended."
-John Lilly


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Transforming Reality One Dreamer at a Time - consciousdreaming.com
Transforming Reality One Dreamer at a Time - consciousdreaming.com

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