Everything you ever wanted to know about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming. You can turn your normal dreams into lucid dreams. Lucid dream info and lucid dreaming resources are Here.

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ing you ever wanted to know about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming. You can turn your normal dreams into lucid dreams. Lucid dream info and lucid dreaming resources are Here.





Astral Projection - Astral Travel
Out of Body Experiences - Soul Travel

Lucid dreaming can lead to out of body experiences. Use the info on this page to induce your own OBEs.

The Dreaming Body - The Etheric Double The Astral Body - Doppelganger



Here are some methods that I use
to induce Out of Body Experiences
from within a Lucid Dream

as well as a little bit of discourse on about the nature of "viewing and experiencing" these types of experiences: astral projection - out of body experiences - lucid dreaming. Regardless of the terminology there are ways to induce these states and experience them for yourself. Several of the methods outlined below focus on deliberately increasing the level of heightened awareness, maintaining peak experience and taking advantage of the direct correlation between these heightened states and your thoughts, expectations, perception, and your EXPERIENCE.

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While in a dream I will become lucid and examine my dreamscape to stabilize within it. I read in William Buhlman's "Adventures Beyond the Body"  that if you're lucid dreaming and your vision isn't too clear or if your dreamscapes aren't stable you can simply will it or intend it to become more clear and stable by saying forcefully and confidently, "INCREASE CLARITY NOW!", I used this effective technique and expanded it a bit further to use verbal commands to create just about anything. The most notable and important command I found was "INCREASE LUCIDITY NOW!!!" or "INCREASE LEVELS OF LUCIDITY NOW!!".

While in an LD I will say "INCREASE CLARITY NOW!!!" and this usually brings crisp resolution and increased awareness and focus. After I stabilize again and become comfortable, I will then intend verbally, "INCREASE LEVELS OF LUCIDITY NOW!". This brings even more intensity. The colors of the background may take on hyper-sensitive tones, possibly a wavering background, it's intense!!! It is essential to reground and become stabilized in the LD before you intend to INCREASE LUCIDITY or else what often occurs is that the increased lucidity will be too much for you to handle and you will either lose you visuals or just wake up immediately. Likewise after you have heightened your lucidity you must then restabilize until you are comfortable at this higher level before increasing it more.

I will repeat this process of increasing levels of lucidity and then restabilizing (usually three times is good enough for me) until I get to a point where I am SO lucid that I can just intend or verbally command or even just think "FIND THE PHYSICAL BODY BUT DON'T GET TRAPPED INTO IT. PREPARE FOR AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE!!!" After practicing this for a while, I don't have to say the whole thing anymore, but it helped in the beginning. Now, I can just get to a sufficiently heightened level of lucidity and then just verbally say "IT'S TIME FOR AN O.B.E.!!"

If successful at this point, I'll be more conscious of my actual body which before hand I'm not at all. Before I'm more in tune with my dreambody if any body at all, whereas now I'm conscious of my physical yetstill in an altered state of mind. It's like the interim phase between a series of lucid dreams where there are no visuals, you're conscious you're dreaming and of your body lying in bed but you just wait it out in the black void until some visuals start to form into a new dreamscape which you enter into the next lucid dream cycle.

Well I am digressing, it seems almost like a slight bilocation of awareness, being aware you're observing this from somewhere/place beyond ties of the body and yet you're also slightly conscious of feeling your body but in a strange loose energetic way. So if I can get to this point, I will wind up being in a state of bilocation and my physical body will be in the vibrational state. There will be a flowing mild current of electric-like ripples through my body. It doesn't hurt but sometimes the vibrations can get very intense and seem "hard to take" even spooky or scary at first. (It gets easier each time until eventually it is pleasurable :)

But If I can just resist the urge to fight the vibes or analyze them, INSTEAD of thinking so much and analyzing what's happening, I will just let go of all of myself into the moment. Because I know that if I am in the vibrational stage I am that much closer to lifting "out" of my physical body. I will now *know* that I AM going to have an OBE and I just vaguely know and intend to have one. The vibrations will increase and become full-blown waves which are rippling through me accompanied by a humming buzz-like "Mmnmnmn" sound. It's almost like all of my body is being contracted to one point which is slowly flowing up and then down my physical body.

At this point, once the vibrations are full-blown I now will intend to leave the body. I will just rock my awareness back and forth or sometimes just the thought and intent is enough, but eventually I'll just be catapulted somehow from the body, sometimes a lift-out, sometimes I can just stand up and get "out" of bed and body

It's definitely an OBE not a lucid dream, I'll be hovering in my exact room for awhile then I go to explore my apartment, yet within a few minutes I will see things I know couldn't be happening: people I don't know in my living room, being able to move things, etc.... I take this as a sign that dream imagery is superimposing itself on the astral realm. When this happens I have two options I can reinduce an OBE which will zap me right back into my body which will again be in a full blown vibrational state and I can go through the process again OR I can just go with the flow of the semi-OBE/LD.

The amount of lucidity and consciousness are still at extremely elevated levels so I usually wind up just "running with " and maximizing the lucid dream and seeing where it takes me or using this state to follow through with whatever goal I have planned. I have tried to reinduce an OBE when the visuals indicate that I am now in a lucid dream, and I have had success with this, but the same thing usually will happen. After I'm "out" for a while the OBE will become a highly lucid lucid dream...which ain't that bad :) So I usually am happy to be in the LD and explore it to see what it has to offer.

I find that I can exit the body successfully but can only maintain "true" visuals of my real actual apartment for a few minutes before the OBE starts to merge with an LD-state. Although I may be setting far to strict of guidelines for an OBE, since I have heard from many accomplished OBErs who often travel in realms which are NOT "real" in the sense that they are NOT an exact replica of our "real" waking world, but I would love to be able to prolong the OBE awareness in this "real" environ. I did once manage to float through my door and into my roommates room and I saw them sleeping in their bed. They started to awaken and I was SO conscious that I really thought I WAS in their room and became scared that I had been sleepwalking and they would wake up and find me in their room.

       It was that REAL or rather I was perceiving the incident as THAT REAL!!! They did wake up and I hoverd into the corner of the ceiling. They noticed me and that was when I realized this must be a lucid dream because there is no logical way to explain how I could be hovering on the ceiling and them "seeing" me unless we were in a dream...or whatever altered state you want to label it as :)

But the story continues, I saw what they were wearing and noticed that his girlfriend was wearing a yellow felt sweater that I'd never seen her wear before so I thought how strange that I wouldn't picture her in something I knew she might wear. There was no way I could have seen her wearing this sweater that night because I was sound asleep before they had come home and she had NEVER worn it before. What was STRANGE was that the next day she had on the exact yellow sweater that I had seen in my LD or was it an OBE...or is the LEVEL OF AWARENESS that matters!!!!  

Feel free to play the Twilight Zone theme right now, do-dee-doo dee-do-dee, <hehe>

Anyway, I hope this INCREASE LUCIDITY command/technique can be used to help others "out", and improved on or modified to fit your needs. Keep in touch with results or additions. And if anyone has advice on how to prolong the OBE without slipping into a lucid dream please share anything that you think might help.....Or any other successful methods which may seem related.


I believe if you find a method which works well for you then you should stick with it because everyone seems to have techniques and methods which are tailored toward their individual characteristics. Try everything but continue to use what works. That way you can pragmatically develop a process which works for YOU. I'll always try new methods but usually have more success incorporating the new techniques with ones that have worked in the past or new methods which are similar to the ones that have already been working for me. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just upgrade it?? Maybe it's the subconscious responding and becoming used to certain techniques which allows certain methods to work better??      



Also, I have been doing a lot of experimenting with heightened lucidity. I find that if you are firmly grounded and stabilized in your lucidity while in a dream....meaning you feel *really* comfortable with being able to maintain your lucidity.....then what you do is this: Verbally intend to increase the levels of lucidity. I will say "INCREASE LEVELS OF LUCIDITY NOW!!!" This should create some surprising effects in your dreamscape as well as in your state of awareness. It brings on heightened levels of lucidity which are basically higher levels of consciousness. After you do this, restabilize in the dreamscape until you once again are comfortable being lucid at this "heightened" level.

Once you have a stable dreamscape and are grounded in your newly increased lucidity, then you can verbally intend it again. "INCREASE LEVELS OF LUCIDITY NOW!!". Follow this process of stabilizing, increasing lucidity, restabilizing, and then increasing lucidity again. Once you get comfortable using this method you will get to a point where you are soooooooo highly lucid that it is indistinguishable from the state of awareness one has while having an OBE. I find that once I hit a certain level the whole nature of the dream changes and becomes indescribably intense. Sometimes I'll be in a lucid dream but I'll also have bilocation so I will have simulataneous awareness that my physical body is in a full-blown vibrations state. Normally it is rare to have full-blown vibrations while in an LD yet common for OBEs so this is how I know that this method really works.  

So what I'm wondering or rather what I'm learning is that it may be possible to have OBEs directly from an LD without going through the vibrational and "lift-out" phases. If you can reach the same level of intensity in an LD that you can in an OBE just after "lift-out" then why is there the need to place OBEs as superior to LDs. I believe they are merely points on one endless spectrum of consciousness. OBEs are a notch more intense than LDs but that is basing it on the levels of intensity of an average LD. I would bet that heightened LDs can reach levels of OBEs and beyond.

Why would I bet this? Because I've had both and there is no subjective difference in the levels of heightened awareness between the two. There is a difference between normal LDs and OBEs but once you heighten the levels of lucidity in your LDs they become indistinguishable. It's just a matter of being able to "handle" heightened levels of lucidity which can only be learned by practicing but isn't it the best kind of homework you could ever do??? Keep it up and it gets easier and easier.      



Exploring this led me to the realization that the difference between LDs and OBEs is a subjective. What is the one differentiating factor??? To me the one difference between them is how you view and experience them at the time. So I have been working on another technique lately based on this realization. Once I become lucid and have stabilized my lucidity in the dreamscape, normally I would think "WOW!!! I AM DREAMING!! I AM IN A LUCID DREAM!!"

but when I'm having an OBE I find that I am thinking "WOW!!! I AM OUT OF BODY!!!! I'M HAVING AN OBE!!!" So based on this subjective difference I decided to modify my thinking while in an LD, once I become lucid and have stabilized my lucidity in the dreamscape, I will think "I AM REALLY OUT OF MY BODY!!! I'M HAVING AN OBE!!!" instead of thinking "WOW!!! I'M DREAMING AND HAVING A LUCID DREAM!!". The results are incredible and lead me to believe that your experience is definitely what YOU make it, by how you view it at the time!!!

I find that in an altered state your thoughts are the driving principle of the experience. Thinking you are out of body leads to a whole different kind of experience. Your thoughts, beliefs, and your INTENT are what creates and maintains your experience when you are dealing with less dense energy-fields. I have found this technique is much like hitting a warp-speed button which rearranges and manifests an experience which will fit into your definition of what it is to be "out of body". It has shown me that there may be too much emphasis on classifying and categorizing this as LD and that as OBE.

YES, there are differences between the average LD and the average OBE but what if someone's LDs are more intense than someone else's OBEs. And also, the biggest difference between LDs and OBEs that I have found is the way the experience is perceived at the time, so why not use that as the focus. Change your experience by the way YOU choose to "perceive" it, and not surprisingly, the whole experience will change accordingly.  

  There's no way to TOTALLY define and quantify this stuff with our linear thinking. You just need to EXPERIENCE it!!!!!! Try all these techniques and see what works best for you and see what parts can help you "out". I believe there is always room for revising and upgrading until the day that I can lie back in bed meditate and consistently induce an OBE. Now that will be the day!!!!  

It's good to have goalzzz  :)
and for all the kids out there, Do try this at home

I Hope these ideas can literally help you "out"

remember if you never stop trying,
you are guaranteed to succeed!!!!

Stay on the path with heart...








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"What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be determined experientially and experimentally.
These limits are beliefs to be transcended."
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