Everything you ever wanted to know about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming. You can turn your normal dreams into lucid dreams. Lucid dream info and lucid dreaming resources are Here.

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ing you ever wanted to know about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming. You can turn your normal dreams into lucid dreams. Lucid dream info and lucid dreaming resources are Here.



190 Pages as a PDF document,
equivalent to a 400+ page book


"The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Manual, by Marc Vandekeere, is an excellent read; both thought provoking and insightful. It is hallmarked by the friendly, hands-on perspective of a veteran Lucid Dreamer. A genuine desire to share and impart knowledge to others shines throughout."

Robert Bruce
author of Astral Dynamics,
Hampton Roads, VA, USA,
1999 -- www.astraldynamics.com





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Information about the Manual:

This book has been an ongoing project of mine for the last two years.  I have been doing research on various methods and techniques while learning the art of lucid dreaming.  I have personally tried and tested all available methods and techniques. Now that I have progressed and logged countless hours in the non-physical dreaming realm, I have even developed many techniques of my own and refined many existing methods. This manual contains everything that I have learned to date. I have compiled everything that I have read, experienced, discovered, tested, and learned about lucid dreaming into one comprehensive online manual, and hopefully soon-to-be published book. Since I am still actively exploring and learning more about the dream realm along the way, you will always receive the most up-to-date version of the manual, and all future upgrades are free for life!

There are many great books on the subject of lucid dreaming. See the Recommended Reading List for a comprehensive list of pre-approved quality books on the subject. I but there are few that delve deep enough into the practical know-how. This manual covers some topics that are usually not found in most lucid dreaming books. I know because I've read almost all of them!!!

What makes this book so great?

For starters, it outlines and explains a great deal of HOW-TO knowledge. It is based on actual hands-on experience from an experienced lucid dreamer. It not only covers the basics, but it also answers many advanced questions like:

How can you maintain your lucidity for prolonged periods? How can you restore your dreaming visuals if they black out on you? Would you like to know several key concepts that will allow you to fly even when you get that  "I know I am dreaming, I should be able to fly!?!" feeling but still cannot manage to get off the ground? Would you like learn how to increase the lucidity levels in your lucid dreams to create extremely intensified perceptual experiences? What are the key reasons that allow you to have extra long lucid dreams? How can you dream long series of lucid dreams in a row instead of having one and then prematurely awakening from it? Would you like to learn how to induce an out-of-body experiences from within your lucid dreams?

All this and much more is covered in the manual!

The Six Basic Steps is an excerpt from a sample chapter so you can try it before you buy it. The manual is a total of 190 pages as a Adobe PDF document. This is the equivalent (word-wise) of a 400+ page book. You should find everything that you need to know about lucid dreaming within the manual.  It covers everything from detailed techniques, tried and tested methods, tips, tricks, and concepts that will maximize your lucid dreaming abilities as soon as you start using them.  

This will save enormous amounts of time compared to learning it all by trial and error.  From taking advantage of nightmares and sleep paralysis to dream guides and expanding lucid dreaming into concepts of Lucid Waking, it is all laid out in easy-to-follow steps written in layman's terms so even the most inexperienced dreamers can take avantage of it. The manual covers many advanced level techniques that will come in handy to even the most advanced lucid dreamer.  By knowing what to expect and learning how to handle common problems in your lucid dreams, you can make the most of your lucid dreams by extending your lucidity and not awakening prematurely.  

Also, if you ever have any questions, you have me to consult via e-mail.  I always try to help everyone, but if you have bought the book, I try to go the extra mile.  Plus, I would truly appreciate any feedback on it because I am always interested in refining it and making it more concise and more useable.  As mentioned, whenever you purchase the manual you are receiving the most up-to-date version since it it is an ever-evolving body of work. I have received some TREMENDOUS feedback so far, and I hope that you can benefit from the manual as well.

After I have received your payment, you will automatically receive an email with your download link for the manual in Acrobat Reader format ( .pdf file).

You should have no trouble opening it just by clicking on it, but if you need it sent in another format like a Word .doc just email me and I can email it to you in a number of other formats ( .doc, .txt, etc).

Thanks to everyone who has supported the cause. We will make lucid dreamers of everyone if we stick together to further the cause.

Dream on!!!

Marc VanDeKeere




Simply send $10.00 ( check or money order )
along with your e-mail address to:

BMV - Marc Vandekeere
3314 Quail Ridge Circle
Rochester Hills, Michigan

*make checks or money orders payable to:
Marc VanDeKeere

Feedback from Readers


From Robert Bruce,
author of Astral Dynamics,
Hampton Roads, VA, USA, 1999 --

"The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Manual, by Marc Vandekeere, is an excellent read; both thought provoking and insightful. It is hallmarked by the friendly, hands-on perspective of a veteran Lucid Dreamer. A genuine desire to share and impart knowledge to others shines throughout."

From: Peter Fellows
creator of The Dream Alchemy Program for Lucid Dreaming,
author of, "CHOOSE YOUR DREAMS": contributing author in LaBerge & Gackenbach's book, "CONSCIOUS MIND, SLEEPING BRAIN": and in The Lucidity Institute's "THE LUCIDITY LETTER"

"I have put a link to your site on my OTHER TEACHERS page because your materials are excellent, your insight penetrating and your enthusiasm contagious. I am enjoying your manual tremendously. I will be posting a review on my website so that browsers can understand why your book is valuable."


from: Michel DeVos

"Your Lucid Dreaming Manual is truly a masterpiece and a comprehensive manual. I still have to digest much of the stuff.

from: Ian Docherty


       Thanks. These are the best and most complete set of instructions
I have seen and will help me greatly.


"The manual is outstanding-the best money could buy !  
Excellent. Contains a lot of material not found elsewhere"

From: Chris Rodgers

I am associated with a group of people that formerly were associated with Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity group. I think what you have written here in your manual is much more concise and clearer than what Carlos ever wrote. Your material seems to be much more straight-forward. Had we had your insight into lucid dreaming six years ago I would probably be a much better dreamer today. But that was yesterday, so today we move on. Let's talk. I think I can probably sell your book to many old members of the Castaneda group. Some already are interested.

Sincerely, Chris Rodgers



Hi Marc ,

I've just finished reading your book and I found it great! What is incredible is that, though I already knew many of the informations in it, it is as if now I'm learning these things. Plus there's a lot of great stuff I did not find elsewhere. I collected a lot of informations over the internet but I couldn' get a clear idea of the whole process.Well, that's just what I found in your book ; different informations , different traditions (shamanic, scientific...) are all put toghether completing each other.Now I feel ready to begin working methodically on lucid dreaming.

One topic that I found absolutely life-changing , aside from its benefits for LD, is the mindfulness/self observation/lucid waking area.I'd like to study it more in depht but on the bibliography I didn't find anything regarding this (maybe something about Gurdjieff ?),can you give me some more precise informations ( books, websites...)?

Well, I have to thank you once again for sending the book before receiving the money (you might say it' s just a matter of few dollars; well, I think few people would have done the same). So tell me good luck

because I'm going to begin my journey! : )
As I have results I'll let you know.

Thanks again



From: rma@bkbro.freeserve.co.uk (Richard M. Adam)

Wow!! Brilliant precis of a chapter of your forthcoming book!
You have my earzzz for sure.

From: holmlid@swipnet.se (Elias Holmlid)


WooHoo! I had my first lucid dream since I started to practice on having them today! I have only been keeping my dream journal for two days only, so I am VERY pleased with this. It may have something to do with that I've had lucid dreams about two times before or something. Maybe this have strenghtened my beliefs that it's not impossible. This was many years ago, BTW.

When I had those first two lucid dreams they were very short because I was not very well educated in how to maintain lucidity then. I didn't even know the term, lucid-dreams, back then. When I heard about lucid dreams a while ago, I thought it was just some new-age kind of thing (didn't know I had experienced it myself!).

About a week ago, I decided to look what lucid dreams were all about, and I realized that this was something to begin developing (since I remembered how exiting my first one was).

I want to thank you alot, Bird, for your splendid help, (it must have helped alot, since I haven't had a lucid dream in years, and because I had one only two days after beginning to follow your advices!!!). :)

This lucid dream was alot different that the others I've had before too, because I knew what to do to maintain lucid for a longer time. For example, I told myself to calm down. I guess that it also was important to have a goal (which was flying). :). One of the best experiences I've had for a long time I may add!!! :)

Cheers, and thanks again Bird!


From: blobula@webtv.net

"...so i decided to try bird's method of getting up and going back to sleep yesterday, and it worked! im excited about it since i haven't had a lucid dream in well over a year. i began with an 8-hour sleep. then I woke up for an hour and went back to sleep for an hour. in that hour of sleep my dream flowed into a deep level of awareness and peaked out when i spoke aloud "im lucid" and the sound of my own voice called me out of my dream. I suggest this method to EVERYONE!
a beautiful day to all, doug

From: S.C.

"...I imagine myself becoming weightless (like in the manual) and take off gleefully to a beautiful glass-domed environment. Iím flying along having a great time and decide to notice my method of flight as discussed in the L.D. manual. As soon as I start thinking about it, I stop flying naturally and start doing the breaststroke! I wake up (for real), but am determined to return to the lucid flying dream. I go back to bed and do the induction (one Iím dreaming, two Iím dreaming) and boom! Iím back flying in the same domed environment as before (first time Iíve been able to return!) My visuals start to get freaky. I try to remember Marcís suggestions (speed/altitude ratio adjustment, the commands to stabilize visuals, etc.) The only thing I can remember is ďHeighten lucidity now!Ē For a brief second before waking, I was aware of heightened lucidity but my speed/altitude ratio was so screwed up my brain couldnít handle it. Anyway, Marc, Iím here to report some firsts and a somewhat qualified success within 3 weeks of reading your book."

From: thermotronics@softone.com.br (Mario Cimbalista Jr.)

Hi Marc,

This email is to thank you.... I'll tell you why... I've been looking for obe's and lucid dreaming info about two years on the web, collecting a lot of stuff..., but nothing seemed to work.  I continued trying but with no results.  I really don't know why. I had read Stephen LaBerge's Exploring the world of lucid dreaming but tried everything. So that night I decide to follow your advice. And the main one that caught my attention was: "YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR BED!!!" when you wake up in the middle of the night.

-So, let's do it! At this very night I had two lucid states during my Dreams!!!! They were short but clear. Undoubtely your suggestion(s) worked for me at that time. I was more pacified, my heart was not bleeding so much anymore and it happened!!!!

-Today I had again two short LD in the middle of the night and I had about 6 in the last 10 days.... Great isn't it? -Now I'm trying to stabilize (sp?) in the lucid state and then go OBE.

-But the results are amazing!!!!

-Every day, during all the ocasions I can, I've been making reality tests - every day, all day.... Even now: Am I dreaming I'm writing this e-mail to you? Are the letters stable? Is ther anything impossible happening? etc etc...) The feeling is that it will be no more difficult to become lucid. The point now is how to get stable..-I'm also following your suggestions regarding this point...-I'm pretty sure I'll succed - I'm certain....

- I had some contacts with my wife who recently passed away where she told me it was lacking very little to me to get "there"... we have a lot of work to do together... as we always did... helping people who is looking for help.... This was the way we found each other here, got married and worked together for about 21 years of the happiest life you can imagine until she passed away...

-And now we're beginning again....

So THANK YOU... THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTITUDE of sharing your experience and to motivate others to try it with themselves... Part of my happiness today and while looking to the future is due the existence of you....

Bless you...

Warmest regards

Mario and Terezinha ....






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"What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be determined experientially and experimentally.
These limits are beliefs to be transcended."
-John Lilly

This electronic book is 200+ pages as Word document. Click here for more information.

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